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Holy crap I think I forgot I had this thing. When did I post last... 2014? Yeah, holy crap. Wow. Well, not that anyone reads this thing, but let's throw down some highlights.

*I dropped the hotel job in favor of going full time at my sellout job. They couldn't match the pay and I couldn't handle two full time jobs anyway. I miss it.

*Ran the seasonal department, where running it meant I had no actual control over anything. It was constant chaos and I went home in tears more often than not. I do not miss that. Except now I'm jealous that it's much more organized and less clusterfucky.

**Upgraded(?) to the jewelry and wearables departments, am now listed as an official Department Manager. All of my predecessors in jewelry started making after they got the department. I've started making. X(

**Husband graduated nursing school! And immediately got snatched up by our local hospital. He works in surgery, on a crazy shift set that gives him six day off streaks every other week. *jelly*

**He's also officially separated from the army now!

*I upgraded my boobs. Shirts fit well now! Although I keep popping buttons on my older shirts... In the process of letting stuff go and replacing a little.


Aaaaand now it's all house talk from here.  So we found The House within two weeks of randomly deciding to go looking.  Got a loan through USAA because they are awesome.  Almost lost out over closing costs, but everything turned out alright.  We have a house!  And a mile long list of House Stuff we want to do.  So far we've painted the kitchen and replaced the faucet, and the Movie Room is 99% done.  Still in the queue are getting some trees with rot cut (within the month), fencing the yard so Ringo can run, replacing the bedroom fan, getting some freaking boards in the attic so I don't have to sift through a mile of fluff to find the beams dammit, and etc.  And I'm still not organized, but I have a sewing/craft/computer room to myself again!  It's a wreck.  It's on my list.

So I guess it's been a pretty good few years.
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Augh, I feel like kind of a sellout. But at least I'll have insurance soon?
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Randomly, I'm not entirely sure why anyone would walk into a hotel lobby that looks like mine does and expect to pay under $100 for a room. I wouldn't expect it if I went someplace that looks like this. You want cheap, go someplace that looks cheap.

Also, don't just cut me off mid rate quote and say it's too much and just leave before I can respond. I might have negotiated with you, but you didn't even let me get to the part where there can be discounts. Cheap and rude, sounds like a real winner.

Aaaand now I sound like an elitist fuck or something. Awesome. FTR, I'm not; I'm just irritated.

Camp Nano!

Jul. 15th, 2013 12:03 pm
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Right, so I'm trying this thing. Have rediscovered that slow nights at the hotel are the best nights for any sort of Nano-ing ever how did I ever leave this job sdfghujhgfd. Set myself a dinky little goal of 10k just to see if I could manage it, what with only having 3 to 4 days a week where I can get any writing in. So far am sitting at just under 8k. May need to consider upping my goal a liiiiittle bit, haha. We shall see!
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Geeze, when was the last time I updated? Freaking November? It's like I forgot I had this thing at all. Pfffft.

So, what have I been up to? Here's a long-ass post of d00m.

Long post is loooong~ )

So that's basically it. Cookies for you if you actually sat through all that crap. XD;;;
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Aaaaaaand NaNo.

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Mrr, so for the most part the last couple months have been A Month. All of them. Yeah.

I feel slightly better about Ash, at least. Wait, no. No, that's wrong. I don't feel better. I'll never feel better about it, but it... hurts less? If that makes sense. Yeah. And then more family dramas. Didn't post about it before, but my Grandpa Art died in late August. I only met him twice, but I always thought he was a groovy dude. I feel bad for Grandma Tommie especially. He was a cool grandpa, and I'm sad he's gone. In the less sad department, last month one of my aunts had to get a hip replacement. They botched it a bit or something and shattered some bone, so she got to turn right around and have a second surgery the next day. Yay for extra recovery time! Only no, not really. Not yay at all. And then this month another of my aunts had to have a random football sized tumor taken out. That one turned out to be benign, but they took some other things out for just in case and it turned out she had an ovary full of cancer. Holy. Shit. So now we're all pretty damn glad the surprise tumor was there because otherwise the bad one might not have been found till it burst, and then where would she be. Kinda goofy I guess to be glad for a tumor, but given the alternative? So sometime in the very near future my mom and other three aunts are gonna get checked out just in case. And if anything even remotely off turns up? I'm marching my ass to a doctor too. This shit freaks me out something awful.

Oh, Life. Couldn't you be interesting in a good way instead?
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One day, I am going to just pick up and go... somewhere. No idea where, but I'd love to be able to just go. Either alone, or with the boy and the critters. I've always wanted to. I need another adventure.

[ETA]Haha, following the link for my location leads to someplace called Cave, Missouri. Never been there. Maybe I should check it out sometime.
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Well, not really. Haven't told anyone I made this thing yet but it's not some sort of a secret or whatever. More than likely I'll be crossposting between the other journals anyway. No secret at all.

So, an introduction? I'm Amy, hello. I'm 27 years old, currently doing fuck-all with my life. Most of my time right now is spent talking to the husband over the internet while he's stuck in stinking Afghanistan. Not exactly the most exiting of lives, is it? I don't mind it though. It's nice that we get to talk as much as we do. We have a three year old and an almost two year old. Uh, cat and dog, haha. They're the closest things to kids I want to have.

I guess that's it for now. If you'd like to friend me go right ahead! Just drop me a comment or something so I'll know. ^_^


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