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Geeze, when was the last time I updated? Freaking November? It's like I forgot I had this thing at all. Pfffft.

So, what have I been up to? Here's a long-ass post of d00m.

Uh, November. Started NaNo. Rode down to Valdosta and actually hung around rather than riding straight through! Was basically to take Melissa down to Jacksonville to get her eyes lasik'd. Hung around on a Navy base for that. Everything went fine there, and she sees better than I do now. Better than me with my 20/20 vision. Yeah. *jealous* XD It was a fun little hang out time. After that, more NaNo, NaNoing like the wind. Managed to actually finish by about mid month. No idea how the hell I pulled that off.

Why did I bust my ass with the writing? Because Eddie came back for r&r! So that was pretty damn nice. Spent some time here, then some time with his parents. We did a Thanksgivingmas thing at his granny's house with the family, which was fun. Went hiking at Cloudland Canyon, where they have stairs forever. Oh such stairs they have. Then we hauled up to Gatlinburg for a second mini-honeymoon sort of thing. Got to stay in a cute little cabin up an insane hill! Did lots of running around, spent way too much money. It was a good time.

So he had to fly back right at the start of December. Missed our two year anniversary by just a couple days, boo. I don't actually remember most of December. Pretty sure I spent most of it in kind of a funk.

Uh Christmas we delayed because Melissa couldn't come up. Did a little Christmas with the inlaws though which was nice. Eddie bought me a sewing machine! :D :D :D Also came away with a spiffy little computer desk and a rather fabulous top and sweatervest sort of thing. And it actually snowed for Christmas. First white Christmas ever and we didn't even do it on the right day zomgwtfbbq.

Did fuck-all for New Year's. Just watched the ball drop and that was pretty much it. Melissa actually was able to come up on the first I think, so we had our Christmas then. Got a couple Sims expansions and the coziest pajamas ever. EVER. Sometime after that I took my sewing machine and spent a ton of time at the inlaws' and started learning the ways of the craftninja. Apparently I have some sort of talent! I've been raiding Hobby Lobby for patterns when I catch 'em on sale, and eventually I plan to start making my own damn stuff and get back into cosplay. FINALLY. Got snowed in for a while when I was there, which was neat.

Went home and got snowed on again. Madness! Most of the rest of January and a fair bit of February are kind of a blur right now. I do recall getting a damn spiffy dress though! It's polka dotted and so very very fabulous. Spent a day or so at the Dalton hospital cuz my cousin Karen was having some freaky problems. Everything turned out fairly well though aside from the place being disorganized like crazy. She wound up checking out of there and going to Erlanger instead, and I can't really blame her.

And it's March now, right? Sometime either this month or back in February Ringo turned two. Rather wish I knew exactly when, but that comes with picking up a shelter dog. Who cares anyway right? He's still my baby.

Been spending a fair chunk of the last couple weeks making this house Karen is renting into something livable. Apparently it hadn't been rented in a while and whoever lived there last left everything behind. Every. Thing. So needless to say it's been a job. Have discovered I'm actually pretty good with a paint roller and also with a little mouse sander. I spent an entire day sanding all the crap off this wood counter they have. Fun! And I now have and Offical Painting Outfit. Basically my holiest of jeans, and one of those 'give blood' shirts that's been mangled for some reason over a white undershirt tank thing. Got red all over it and it's awesome. Anyway we've pretty much finished and are planning a Seekrit Housewarming Party for sometime soon.

Melissa came up for the weekend again and hanging out was done. Checked out this indoor range in Ft. O, which was pretty fun. I found a pistol that actually fits my hand and isn't ridiculous!


So now I'm the owner of a happy little Walther P22 pursehandgun, which I intend to name at some point because I'm a dork like that. It is small and adorable, and I am a fair bit more dangerous now. Mwahaha. Will have to take a picture of the thing.

Pff, so that was back on Friday. Not much going on for the last couple days. Did get a couple new dresses and a top though! They're spiffy and I love them. Haha lookit me trying to be all fashiony, pffft. Tomorrow Mom and I are popping up to Erlanger because I've got another aunt having a surgery. That's 3/4 of my aunts in the last half a year, damn. Not sure if this is gonna be our Hang Out Day for the week or if we're all getting together on Thursday anyway or not.

Tangent to say I really really love Hang Out Thursdays. It's just about the only thing I really leave the house for anymore. Kinda pathetic I guess, but yeah. LOVE. I have learned dominoes and am also trying my hand at scrapbooking. Fun times all around.

So that's basically it. Cookies for you if you actually sat through all that crap. XD;;;


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