Jun. 12th, 2017

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Holy crap I think I forgot I had this thing. When did I post last... 2014? Yeah, holy crap. Wow. Well, not that anyone reads this thing, but let's throw down some highlights.

*I dropped the hotel job in favor of going full time at my sellout job. They couldn't match the pay and I couldn't handle two full time jobs anyway. I miss it.

*Ran the seasonal department, where running it meant I had no actual control over anything. It was constant chaos and I went home in tears more often than not. I do not miss that. Except now I'm jealous that it's much more organized and less clusterfucky.

**Upgraded(?) to the jewelry and wearables departments, am now listed as an official Department Manager. All of my predecessors in jewelry started making after they got the department. I've started making. X(

**Husband graduated nursing school! And immediately got snatched up by our local hospital. He works in surgery, on a crazy shift set that gives him six day off streaks every other week. *jelly*

**He's also officially separated from the army now!

*I upgraded my boobs. Shirts fit well now! Although I keep popping buttons on my older shirts... In the process of letting stuff go and replacing a little.


Aaaaand now it's all house talk from here.  So we found The House within two weeks of randomly deciding to go looking.  Got a loan through USAA because they are awesome.  Almost lost out over closing costs, but everything turned out alright.  We have a house!  And a mile long list of House Stuff we want to do.  So far we've painted the kitchen and replaced the faucet, and the Movie Room is 99% done.  Still in the queue are getting some trees with rot cut (within the month), fencing the yard so Ringo can run, replacing the bedroom fan, getting some freaking boards in the attic so I don't have to sift through a mile of fluff to find the beams dammit, and etc.  And I'm still not organized, but I have a sewing/craft/computer room to myself again!  It's a wreck.  It's on my list.

So I guess it's been a pretty good few years.


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